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To website visitors that have clicked onto our White Paper:

Who is Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC and what is special about our products? To get an overview and familiarity with our company and products, we have written a “White Paper.” Click on the “White Paper” link below to read about us, our products, our business philosophy and how we are ready to help make your sound system the very best it can be!

Every sound system is a combination of your chosen components, speakers and the cables that connect them to bring you the best possible sound reproduction of your favorite tapes, CD’s, LP’s, etc. It’s there to transport you into a little piece of heaven where you can escape to relax, listen and enjoy without the distractions of your everyday life. A place where you can close your eyes, put your feet up and maybe enjoy sipping your favorite beverage while listening to the music you identify with and enjoy so much!

Our cables play an integral role in maximizing your listening experience. Our White Paper provides detailed information explaining why we are the best choice in high performance audio cables to make your listening experience as enjoyable as possible!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring our products to your attention. We look forward to supplying our cables and to helping your sound system fulfill your expectations.

Len Miller
President, C.E.O. & Sales Manager   


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  White Paper