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An Overview of Our Hi-End Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables are the connecting links between your amplifier out-put and the speakers in all sound systems. The conductors in all speaker cables are aptly named. They conduct or transfer signals and frequencies between system components. They are the highways that transport sound to your speakers. Any type of speaker wire will do this. As long as the signals and frequencies can travel their highway, you will have sound reproduction coming from your speakers. Almost any conductive metal will work, including plated metals. Small gauge, large gauge and multi-gauged conductors will all work, as will multi-stranded, solid, rope lay, round, square and triangular shaped conductors.

The question is just how well will they work? The answer is very subjective. To a person that appreciates and wants very fine sound reproduction, most speaker wires or cables perform relatively poorly. Yes, you can hear the music, but you cannot hear "all" of the music with most cables. Their designs get in the way of good sound reproduction. They do not provide the smooth and fast transfer of signals and frequencies that produce an "open, transparent and invisible" quality of sound reproduction. The sound coming out of the speakers is dull. It has no body, depth or soul, no life, no vibrancy or heart. It is flat, boring and unacceptable.
Very high quality components cannot do the job alone. They need help from the power supply cords, interconnect and speaker cables that connect and power them. A top quality sound system will have a combination of high performance components and cables. Well designed and engineered speaker cables will provide high quality, high performance sound reproduction for all sound systems, regardless of cost.

There are several very good quality, high performance speaker cables available. Most of these cables have exotic designs with selling prices that are from many hundreds to many thousands of dollars per meter. Many people are swayed by the pre-conceived notion that "name" companies with big, expensive cables are the best choice. Bigger and more expensive cables must be better! WRONG! What is most important is the design of the cable and its performance in your sound system. The capacity of a speaker cable to promote optimum values for speed (velocity of propagation), low loss characteristics (attenuation), low impedance, fast frequency response, low capacitance and low inductance are the most important factors used to evaluate speaker cable performance.

Soundstring has engineered and designed two styles of standard and bi-wire speaker cables. Both are very high quality, high performance cables that have received many excellent reviews! The first is our original patented Starfire Series Tricormaxial™ cables and the second is our GEN II Platinum Series™ and Platinum Series “SE”™ (Special Edition) cables.

Our Tricormaxial regular and bi-wire speaker cable conductors are made using 4 nines (99.99%) pure OFBC (oxygen free bare electrolytic copper) in a special patented Progressive Geometric Multi-Gauge/Multi-conductor™ rope lay design. The circular mil area of the three conductors combined is equal to a #10.5 gauge. This purpose of this design is to allow all signals and frequencies to independently seek the "path of least resistance" as they travel virtually unimpeded at incredibly fast speeds over each of the individual conductor surfaces from termination to termination. Each multi-stranded conductor is individually insulated with a premium grade, thin wall VW-1 flame retardant, RoHS lead free low durometer PVC. The jacket is a low durometer soft and flexible 105°C high gloss, RoHS lead free White PVC. It is surface printed with our name, the cable name and directional arrows to insure and maximize uniform current and signal flow to and from all components. The outer PVC jacket is covered with a premium grade, abrasion resistant tightly woven Nylon multi-filament in an attractive Harvest Gold color for maximum flexibility and eye pleasing esthetics. As an added benefit, this outer cover is also highly resistant to induced static!

The newer Gen II Platinum Series “Gamma” regular and bi-wire speaker cables are an improvement in overall performance at a nominally higher cost. They feature 6 nines (99.9999%) OFHCBC (oxygen free high conductivity bare copper) conductors in a very finely stranded rope lay design of 665 individual strands of #40 AWG per conductor! Each conductor and the outer jacket of these speaker cables is insulated with the most up-to-date 100% RoHS low durometer lead free PVC in a thin wall design for maximum flexibility. The GEN II speaker cables are UL and CSA approved and rated for in-wall and in-ceiling applications. Both types are covered with a premium grade, abrasion resistant tightly woven Nylon multi-filament in an attractive Platinum Silver color, for maximum flexibility and eye pleasing esthetics. As an added benefit, this outer cover is also highly resistant to induced static!

On January 1, 2014, we introduced the GEN II “SE” (Special Edition) speaker cables which are an enhanced version of the original GEN II cables. The GEN II “SE” cables feature enhanced conductor constructions at an additional cost, plus a special proprietary 98% coverage of a non-metallic braid shield that greatly reduces potential RF interference. The RFI braid shield is lightweight, flexible and adds just a small amount of extra cost to the pricing of the “SE” cables. Reviews of the “SE” cables have been outstanding in all respects!

All of our regular and bi-wire Speaker Cables and our Tricormaxial™ bi-wire jumpers are available with heavy duty 24 Kt. Gold Plated 8mm spade terminals, banana plugs, or with a combination of both spades and bananas in both the standard and bi-wired styles. Please specify which terminal goes on the amp end when ordering a combination. Our Tricormaxial™ 8” bi-wire "jumpers" utilize the same patented technology as the standard and bi-wire Tricormaxial™ speaker cables. They are available in sets of four (two for each speaker) with 24 Kt. Gold spade terminals, banana plugs or a combination of both.

By using our speaker cables, your listening experience becomes more cohesive, open and transparent from the highest to the lowest frequencies, providing an open and distortion free sound. The only variables to contend with are the make up and layout of your sound room and the quality of the recordings you use.  

As the prime manufacturer for all of our cables, we keep tight controls on all production costs, productivity, quality, performance, testing, packaging and shipping. There is no outsourcing of cables or conductors, as there is with our competitors. We manufacture our cables from the base raw materials through to the finished products you purchase from us. The result is that we manufacture high performance, high quality products at a very reasonable and affordable price structure - an unbeatable winning combination for our customers!