Soundstring™ Cables are being used by recording engineers, recording studios, concert halls, listening rooms and home sound system installers

Cables manufactured by Soundstring™ are being used by sound recording engineers, recording studios, concert halls, home installation contractors and other venues in a variety of applications. Our shielded and balanced Octaphase™ “Omega Pro Line” and GEN II Platinum Series™ Beta 2-22S Interconnect cables with XLR connectors are being use as professional recording microphone cables in live studio recording sessions and for live indoor and outdoor concert recordings. Our single ended interconnect cables with RCA’s and our high out-put power cables are being used to connect and power live recording equipment used by sound recording engineers to make the tapes and CD’s used for live recording masters.

Our GEN II Platinum Series™ shielded interconnect cables and power supply cables are being used for UL™approved “in wall” applications for the internal wiring of concert halls and sound listening rooms in colleges, libraries and similar venues.

Most of our Gen II Platinum Series™ Cables are being used by various home installation companies for the installation of in-wall wiring for dedicated circuits, speakers and interconnect cables in homes, condos and other private venues.


The shielded and balanced microphone cables we supply have been successfully used in lengths up to 100 feet with no degradation in sound recording quality. They are very flexible and lightweight, making them easy to use when a live performance is being recorded and mastered and the performers are moving around the stage.


Our GEN II Delta 2-12™ and Delta 4-12™ Power Supply Cables are UL™ listed for use as dedicated power supply cables from an incoming current source (circuit breaker panel box, sub-panel box or other source) to wall outlets in commercial and home applications. They can also be direct wired to power conditioners as a dedicated power source for home audio systems.

Please contact us directly at any time for inquiries regarding the use of our cables in similar circumstances to those described above.