“Feedback & Quotes” from our Distributors, Dealers, Customers & Reviewers

Superior Insulated Wire Corporation™ and Lion Cords Division of Astrophonic Corp. of America™ are the parent companies for Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC™. Both were established in the mid 1940’s, over 72 years ago. They are among the oldest privately held and continuously run companies manufacturing insulated wire and cable products and power supply cords in the USA and perhaps worldwide.

To survive and prosper for a combined total of more than 144 years requires a never ending dedication to provide quality, service, integrity, reliability and competitive pricing. Soundstring™ was established by our parent companies as an independent LLC to design, manufacture and sell high performance audio cables and power supply cords on March 1, 2001. From that day forward the business, personal values and philosophy of our parent companies and management have been an integral part of the day to day running of Soundstring™.

In addition to the awards and very favorable reviews we have received through the years, we are very proud to share many unsolicited comments from satisfied distributors, dealers and individual customers that have purchased our products. Also included are many meaningful out-quotes from reviews written about our power cords and cables. Thank you one and all!

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"Hi Len,
In one word to describe the sound of your interconnects in my system: ELEGANT! I replaced Audioquest interconnects with them between my Doge 8 preamplifier and my Ayre amplifier. Biggest improvement ever. You better gear up for higher production in the future!”
Peter P. – Dobbs Ferry, NY

"Hi Len,
The power cord arrived today in Barcelona in perfect condition. The first impression of this cable with the Furutech EU “Schuko” plug is amazing. How will it sound after the break-in compared to right out of the box? I will do some advertising of this product between my HI-FI colleagues in Spain because the product is worth it. I’m really thankful for your good service Len.”
Best Regards, Leo S. - Spain

From several E-mails received from a Canadian dealer with updates on our GEN II cabling evaluation & progress in his demo systems:

“Hi Len,
I am pleased to report that I find your cabling performs as beautifully as its appearance would suggest. After weeks of scrutinizing, playing all types of music, pure tone tests, acoustic levels measurements etc., I found that Soundstring cables are very neutral, very smooth and quite dynamic. In short, very musical.”


“The cable’s response has evened out considerably as I am approaching 100 hours. I am very pleased with their performance and frankly, find it difficult to describe their “sound.” They seem to exhibit no sound of their own, no sonic signature. I have heard few I would consider smoother and none in this price range. Well done!”

“I am pleased to report the performance of your Soundstring cabling has continued to improve over the past two weeks, achieving that last increment of fully worked in cables. They are totally revealing without the exaggerated gloss of some I have tried in the past. No grain, blur or etchiness with a very linear presentation. Well done!”
Best, Jon F. - Ontario, Canada (Dealer)

"Hi Len,
First of all, I am very pleased with my cables! My system has never sounded better!! I am enjoying your cables A LOT!! Based on my experience with your analog cables - I would think you would have a fantastic cable!! Little by little (or cable by cable) Soundstring is taking over in my home.”
Thanks, Mike T – Texas

"Hi Len,
Just thought I would give you a quick update: I only had a chance to listen to the phono and speaker interconnects this weekend. I did not hear much difference between the Soundstring and my current cable and then I replaced my current speaker cables with the Soundstring . . . it’s like I was listening to different speakers. The sound was natural, with lots of air around each note. Bass was solid, voices were naturally sweet and up front, not distant and muffled as before."

"The more I turned up the volume the better things got. As I listened, at one point I felt I was back at the Blue Note enjoying some live Jazz. Oh my! And by the way, all this was instantaneous, absolutely not one second warm up or breaking in. I can only imagine how much better things will get after an extended period of break-in. I was hoping to hear some improvements. What I was not ready for was the higher level of improvement. I can’t wait to hear what happens next after I get all of the cables into the system!”
Kind regards, Jonathan T. - Virginia (Dealer)

"Hi Len,
I am looking forward to distributing your products in Europe. Here are some initial impressions on the cables:
      Non-shielded interconnects : The sound is wide and deep, the overall dynamic is very good and there is a great sense of musicality. It’s a smooth and easy sound, but vivid.
      Shielded interconnects: same as the non-shielded except that the band width seems larger.
      High Out-put Power Cords: the sound gets wider and more vivid. Also, the bandwidth gets larger than with other power cords. Has a great sense of musicality too. A great change from other brands! Very fair pricing too, especially comparing to other market power cords that are way to “esoteric” and many times more pricey.
      Low Out-put digital power cord: a very good cable for a DVD player and TV or projectors that need long cables that are less expensive but with very good performance and quality. The musicality is still there.
      Thanks for your patience and great service Len.”
Tony R. - France (Distributor)

"Dear Len,
Thank you for all your service. The cables sound wonderful - no more hum!! Great job.”
Regards, John M. - PA 

"Hi Len,
I just got to spend a few hours completely “strung up” with Soundstring cables . . . still need a little more playing time, but early impressions are: BIG soundstage, relaxed, polite, detail steps back a bit rather than being thrust at you, Calmed an occasional shout in the midrange. Of course, this is with very few hours on them. Still, pretty impressive, especially when compared to all the big bucks cables.”
Todd R., MI (Dealer)

I am absolutely stunned with the out of the box performance and as of this writing, probably have about 10 hours listening time. This is the first time I have ever owned one manufacturer’s cables throughout the entire system and the synergy created is simply fantastic. At this point, I am amazed at how good my system sounds as it is truly “musical.” As a happy Soundstring owner I will e-mail you some shots of a total “Soundstring System.”

"I also cannot tell you how much I appreciate your customer focus. While you work in a larger corporation, you operate as a cottage industry, truly interested in the passion we audiophiles have - very refreshing.”
Dom S. – NC

"Dear Len,
I had the opportunity to meet you and experience your products at the AK-FEST ’09 in Livonia, Michigan. Besides the personal attention, I was very impressed to learn that you manufacture and assemble all of your cables and components in house. You took the time to explain in great detail the need for, and HOW to run a dedicated line for my audio system while I was reviewing your products. You did so knowing that I could not possibly make a purchase at that time."

"That was real customer service! The service, dedication and product quality was very impressive to say the least. It was something I really appreciated and will never forget. I am the type of person who lets others know about my experience every chance I get. You may rest assured you have a customer who is as dedicated to you and your products as you are to your customers. Thanks Len.”
M.T. – Michigan

“I was absolutely astonished when I opened your parcel. Your product quality is fantastic. What beautiful hand made cables! I will ask if you ever got any of the World HiFi awards in the past for such sophisticated products? I know the U.S. has a lot of cable manufacturers, but none of them is like your sets of cables.”
V.L. – Croatia

“I just wanted to let you know that I got the nicely packaged box with my Soundstring cable delivered today. I quickly replaced my current cables with yours in my speaker system and I am very pleased and surprised with the improvements that these cables bring. My system was very forward sounding with the vocal clearly lined up before all the musical instruments, but these cables actually push the vocal back to where the musical instruments were, plus expanding the sound stage both horizontally and vertically. I am very pleased with these changes. Also, the vocals sound extremely natural. I have some recordings where the trio of female singer’s vocals appeared very similar to me and if I did not pay attention, I could not distinguish who was singing. With these cables, I could clearly identify each of them. Long words short, these cables are awesome and I am extremely happy.”
Jeremy H. – Canada

“Your speaker cables sound better than the XLO Ultra 12 and Kimber 8TC (both high purity copper Teflon insulated).”
Pietro S. – Italy

“I installed your Tricormaxial Speaker Cables in my Dad’s budget system: NAD C352, Infinity Primus 250II and a Sony multi-player. The sound is awesome right from the first few hours!”
K.S. - Thailand

"Hi Len,
Thank you for the great GEN II interconnect cables! Before, the digital input sounded better. Now the CD is amazing sounding. Tighter bass-cleaner mid range-cleaner highs- and BIGGER soundstage. My system never sounded so good. Great job!”
R. Olson - NJ (Recording Engineer)

“Today your cable shipment turned up. I connected the smaller digital power cord to my CD player having played one track of a CD before installing it. Then I played the same track after putting in your power cord. I couldn’t believe how much difference there was. It was as if a veil had been lifted off the speakers. The staging was much clearer and detailed. I wondered what else I’d notice when I connected up the high out-put power cord and eventually when I purchased a power conditioner and used your power cord with it.”
Bob H. - Hong Kong

“Many thanks for the prompt action. As always, I very much appreciate your perfect service and the quality of your products.”
Ernst T. - Hong Kong

“Amazing performance, amazing prices, amazing service. You guy’s are just simply amazing! I wish I had your cables in my audio system years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Great products! Keep up the good work.”
Murray W. - Bluffton, SC

“The impressions of both the interconnects and power cords are excellent. After an appropriate burn in time the sound got refined, very neutral and harmonious. There is a lot of air and focus. They don't make a coloured sound but let the music pass as they should, a quality which I miss with many cables I know. So many cables make "special  effects" which may be exciting on the first impression, but boring and irritating after a short time. These cables fit very well with my systems.”
Dieter M. - Switzerland (Dealer)


I was able to connect the power cord directly to the power switch circuit board on my NAD C270 Amp, but opted to tie the power cord in before the power switch circuit board on the NAD C160 Preamp, and am very pleased with the results. My system is more dynamic, clearer, and much more detailed throughout the volume range.  In fact, I am hearing things I never heard before such as the springs winding and unwinding as the clocks tic on Pink Floyd’s Time from the album Dark Side of The Moon, or how one can sometimes make out the individual string instruments in The Phantom of the Opera, or how one can make out individual singers from time to time in the choir providing backup vocals for Alison Krauss on Down To The River To Pray from O Brother, Where Art Thou . . . It took a while for the power cords to break in, but now much of the warmth and musicality has returned and I believe the power cords are still in the process of breaking in.”
Thanks again, Christopher M. – MI

(A few e-mail quotes from a satisfied customer in England)

"Hi Len,
I really would like to thank you so much for your interest, helpfulness, graciousness and patience in dealing with me and this order. With both the USA and the UK economies struggling, it is heartening to come across people and businesses that give fantastic customer service, quality and timely delivery. We just need lots more of them - and populations that support western economies which do good jobs and employ people on fair terms. Once I have listened I will give you some short-term and medium-term feedback. I'll also post on our main forum here (HiFi Wigwam) once I have everything up and running.” 

“The cables are great! I hope you got my note giving you my initial reaction.”

“In brief, what I have found with my initial listening with your cables is just how quiet the system is before the music starts - which I guess is one of the things you aim for in cable design. All very nice. And, of course, the manufacturing quality is faultless. Good kit is noticeable by its invisibility (if that makes sense).”

“The cables are just great. I love classy engineering and when you look at your cables you just see how meticulously they have been put together. Sound is great of course. I can't describe it to you as it is characterless - just like clear water.”
Ian G. – England

(Referring to Bob Levi’s GEN II Review in Positive-Feedback from our Ontario, Canada Dealer)

"Hi Len,
I enjoyed reading the review as it described many of my personal observations and  expressed them perhaps more eloquently than myself. I especially liked the use of the word 'rich' to describe the sound presentation. I feel the industry as a whole has focused so much on high definition/ high resolution that something very important has all but gotten lost. Richness and warmth. The sweet full sound of mids rich with detail supported by a robust yet articulate bottom and topped off with extended highs of great clarity without any glare or etchiness. The cables just sound correct. Nothing added or taken away.”
“These findings were also confirmed in my video medium where they delivered great tonal balance of color, excellent picture depth with superb definition, without the slightest hint of ghosting or blur. The Soundstring power cables provide a truly 'quiet' picture which is never tiring and always pleasing to view. Who could ask for more.”
Jon F. - Ontario, Canada (Dealer) _________________________________________________________________________________________



From an August, 2015 review by Maurice Jeffries of The Stereo Times On-Line Audiophile Magazine:

         ". . . . the firm's (Soundstring) beautifully engineered products certainly deserve a place on the short list of anyone considering a sensible, cost effective cable upgrade that offers near reference level performance. . . . I listened to a full loom of (their) GEN II Platinum Series and top-of-the-line GEN Platinum Series SE power cords, interconnects (XLR and RCA terminated) and speaker cables. All Soundstring GEN II-level cables feature beautifully-textured woven platinum silver covers and extremely high quality plugs, connectors, and (for my speakers) spades."

          "Fresh out of the box (with 120 hours of pre-conditioning at the factory), they delivered a big, bold, richly balanced presentation that sounded almost Technicolor . . . . The Soundstring loom reproduced the full aural color spectrum with something approaching the intensity, depth of saturation and vibrancy of its visual Technicolor counterpart . . . . the the cables sound as if weighted from the bottom up. Bassnotes have a depth, a gravitas, a sheer heft if you will, that sounds positively mamoreal . . . . a fuller, bigger, bolder and more dramatic presentation. The Soundstring bundle reproduced music's power range . . . in all its glory. "

          "(When compared) to the pricier Silnote Orion M2 speaker cables (priced at approximately $3,300 for a 3 meter pair - if not more) . . . . the Soundstring GEN II SE speaker cables offered 90% (if not more) of the sound quality of the pricier Orion M2s at roughly one sixth the price. . . . I could happily live with the full Soundstring loom and never hanker for something subtly better."

          "I cued up a new CD purchase . . . . to determine whether and to what extent (a) female voice will receive the same care as did a full-blown orchestral fair. The complete Soundstring loom does not disappoint. Piano, bass and drums are all reproduced with plenty of transient snap and superb overall focus, each instrument surrounded by a billowy cushion of ambient air."

           " It doesn't get much better than this! Enthusiastically recommended."



From an August, 2015 review by Francisco Duran of Positive Feedback On-Line:

        "Soundstring cables have impeccable build quality, are flexible enough to easily work with and are built with pleasing colors. (With) the Gamma 4-12 SE (speaker) cables . . .  there was a more open soundstage. Images were more cleanly defined as was the space between them. Bass sounded powerful yet tuneful and articulate. . . . I felt as if the space around the instruments was enhanced and very realistic."

        ". . . with the Soundstring GEN II Beta 2-22NS non shielded single ended interconnects . . . they just get out of the way. (They) . . are very balanced from top to bottom. They have solid bass, clean midrange and clean and extended upper ranges."

        "The biggest surprise of all . . . had to be with the power cords. . . . they sounded noticeably more spacious, dynamic and clear . . . especially with the GEN II SE power cord . . . the spaciousness and dynamics seemed to pop out at you . . . as if a small shot of Adrenaline was put into my system. (In particular) the GEN II SE cords sounded cleaner and more dynamic . . . the soundstage was wider and image placement was more solid."

        "(In comparing) the GEN II and GEN II SE cables to each other, an overall pattern occurred. The GEN II standard was a slightly scaled down version of the GEN II SE in regards to dynamics, neutrality and natural timbre of most of the cables I listened to in this review. . . . . a full set of the GEN II cables can hold its own with the best of them. It's just that the GEN II SE are noticeably that much better. . . . . With a full compliment of Soundstring GEN II SE cables in my system, a transformation appeared in front of me. The music was flowing and just blossomed out of my system. What more can I say or want?"



Exerpts from a new 2014 review by Kenneth Jensen, Senior Editor at monoandstereo.com (Europe, Austria/Slovenia) for the Soundstring GEN II and GEN II "SE" (Special Edition) cables:

       "What impressed me the most was the way (they) made the music sound very natural and unrestricted. . . It was quite noticeable that the noise floor was more quiet (and) that meant one had a better feeling of being more involved in the music . . . . Despite the massive amount of information in this recording (Terry Evans "Puttin' It Down") the Soundstring cables did not collapse in any way. That's a big "thumbs up". . . . The depth was on a par with some of the much more expensive cables I had in my house. Bass notes came out with so much clarity that it was very hard to believe how these cables do not cost a lot more."

       "I've tried a ton of different set-ups with Soundstring cables. Their GEN II speaker cable stood out the most. Almost everything I've compared them with was an easy match. They were very close in performance (to the very expensive cables) and in some cases even better, despite the other cables being far more expensive. Not just a little but 3-4-5 times more expensive. You won't believe it until you hear them and how well they actually perform. They're actually stunning! . . . .  comparing them in value . . . . NOTHING beats them!"

       "Soundstring Cable Technologies GEN II cables, both the standard and "SE" types performed flawlessly in every way I tried them. No matter the setup and system, their performance struck me as something very unique. When one compares them in value they did, and I mean DID knock the socks off every cable I've tried for many, many years. I could easily live with the Soundstring GEN II cables for the rest of my days. They are that good!"

       "The Soundstring Cable Technologies GEN II and GEN II "SE" cables are very highly recommended components. If there was an award for "cables of the year" the Soundstring . . . . GEN II and GEN II "SE" cables would be getting one without a doubt!"



From Dave Thomas, Editor at “The Stereo Times” on preliminary e-mails regarding a new review of our GEN II cables and excerpts from that 2014 review:

"Hi Len,
       Wow! Thanks for the quick and detailed response. This is what makes your company special to me. I would be thrilled to spend time with and review the cables we discussed and any other digital or other products that you think our readers will find interesting.”

      “Thanks so much for your thorough handling of this request. I am so looking forward to hearing these cables. The background info on the design and construction of the cables is excellent. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and consideration throughout this process. I anticipate this being a very enjoyable reviewing experience thanks to you.”

Feedback after receipt of cables and several weeks of listening and evaluation:                                                      “These cables do so many things well that it can be difficult to condense all my notes into a readable review without making it as long as War & Peace. Sometimes there can be too much to say. Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity and congratulations to you and everyone at Soundstring for producing such wonderful and affordable products.”
Dave Thomas, Editor - “The Stereo Times”

Excerpt’s from Dave’s 2014 GEN II review in The Stereo Times:
        “But thankfully there are still some companies who design and build audio cables with sensitivity to affordability without making compromises in design, parts quality or sonics. One such company is South Norwalk, Connecticut based Soundstring Cable Technologies.
         When I first started playing music (on my system with all of their cables connected) what made an immediate impression on me was just how quiet the operation of my system was . . . . like snowfall quiet. With the GEN II Cables in the system, the level of detail and imaging was simply amazing . . . . The GEN II’s did such a great job of lowering the noise floor that you could get much deeper into the music . . . . and resolve low volume detail (from selected CD’s used for reviews). . . . With vinyl (recordings) the GEN II’s allowed the system to render the music flawlessly.
         For everyday audiophiles,  those of us who are not wealthy enough to wire our systems with cables that could stabilize the national debt, there is a law of diminishing returns. But like the wealthy, we still want to invest in high quality products that will allow us to get the most from our systems without feeling like we’ve had to make sacrifices in sound quality or quality of design and build. For us, the Soundstring Cable products are a blessing. They are highly recommended and without a doubt, a “Most Wanted Component.” _________________________________________________________________________________________

Excepts from GEN II review done by Gary of Audiotechnique Magazine (Hong Kong) in June, 2013:

         "They treat their cables with the Audiodharma Cable Cooker and this is really thoughtful. Their cables follow directionality throughout the entire process of manufacturing . . . That means that the flow of signals is directional and must be followed when connecting the cable to a piece of equipment. I tried the SS-GEN II-SE-PC30-FMF-6 US power cord first and found that it worked best when plugged into the amplifiers. With the preamplifier, the soundstage was huge, singers stood high, position of musical instruments were clear and sharp, atmosphere was airy, vocals were full and magnetic. (With) the power amplifier . . . this 30 Amp power cord didn't disappoint me, the sound field was 3-dimensional and transparent, instrument images were firm and steady, good sense of depth, mellow vocals, mouth size was just right. It was a good as my pure copper power cord, if not better."

          "I first connected (the RCA interconnects) between the pre and power amplifiers; images were good and very musical.  . . . . between the DAC and preamplifier, it gave refined details, very touching vocals, coherent strings and very fine positioning."

          "The multi-stranding technology (of the speaker cables) effectively reduced the resistance to a minimum, so the signals of the whole frequency spectrum could pass smoothly. It was very balanced with good extension in both high and low ends, transparent without any coloration, providing a hindrance-free passage between the amplifier and the speakers."

Excerpts from GEN II review done by Gary of Audiotechnique Magazine (Hong Kong) in August, 2013:

          "While continuously improving their products, the budgets of the customers are also taken into account. This is reflected in the cable prices. When one of my friends knew I was listening to Soundstring, he wanted to have a try too. But once he tried, he couldn't return it, he bought it. According to him, cables with equal quality and performance should cost double the Soundstring . . . . . that was a non-shielded RCA interconnect."

           "I have tried many expensive cables, they all have unique tones and characteristics, good for individual's preference. The Soundstring, on the other hand, is balanced in all respects, musical and good overall performance. What is more important, they are not very expensive. I stromgly recommend them . . . . ."   



From a GEN II review done by Michael Miguest of Audio Cognoscenti in his web site blog of June, 2013:

         “As I stated earlier in this review, finding high performance and high value audio products doesn't present itself often for the "rest of us" in this hobby. However, these Soundstring Gen II Cables and Power Cords offer not just high performance, but in my opinion, performance that competes with the very best. The music with these cables connecting your system will deliver a Machiavellian realism that is purely captivating and emotionally involving. Once again, Soundstring Cable Technologies gives you their best effort at a sane price point as opposed to climbing the cable ladder as most of their competitors will have you do."
         "Len Miller has compared his Gen II products with the best and openly admits that his products may differ only by a few percent from the very best. How much more will it cost, component wise, to hear a difference of a few percent? Can you say "Diminishing Returns"? The bottom line is this: I highly recommend . . . . these Soundstring Gen II products for the "rest of us" and anyone else in this audio hobby who finds this level of performance and value an appealing proposition."
         "In my opinion, these Soundstring Gen II (Interconnect and Speaker) Cables and Power Cords are the "BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK" in the entire cable and power cord space and represent not only a "GREAT" investment but a "Sound" investment that will allow you to experience the full potential of your existing high end audio system.” ________________________________________________________________________________________

From a GEN II review written by Jim Merod of Positive Feedback On-line in 2012:    

        “Gen II cables carry a clearly faster signal transmission with discernibly more open and relaxed sonic output. There's more "there" in their seductive musicality. . . . Nothing is exaggerated or left loose and unstated in the GEN II cables.” 

       “I've previously commented at length on the balanced GEN II cables that serve my world with equal friendship both as interconnects in an audio system at home as well as in the role of microphone cables in the field for live recordings. The . . . majority of my routine recording calendar is accomplished with a squad of Soundstring GEN II balanced cables of various lengths, from one meter to fifteen meters.” Compared to several of the mega-expensive wires . . . “for what is in fact truly a "discount," one gets a high percentage of genuine audio glory with GEN II cables.”

       “Put bluntly, the (new to me) GEN II unbalanced cables are frankly kick ass wires that, broken in with large numbers of hours on an Audiodharma cable cooker at the factory, come roaring out of the box (literally) to underscore nuances of tone, register and dynamic shading often lost or swallowed in signal travel . . . With the RCA and XLR versions of GEN IIs I have frequently felt, as it were, "inside" these wires - listening to my own recordings like an obsessed parent with various headphones . . . Gen II's essential sonic trait is full-range audio relaxation, a sense of "real world" ambient truth made vivid with relaxed immediacy.”

         “ . . . the unshielded version of these cables, for me (to my eager ears), seem more "open" and sonically free, as if the music in motion is flying, much as one finds hawks or eagles who float effortlessly at heights without effort. Now the Gen II power cords may be the most intriguing cables in this line. Their standard high-output power cord . . . ranks alongside any truly high-end power cord I know of with very few exceptions (and) is augmented by a low-output "Platinum Series/Digimax-18" rated for 10 amps. Employed as designed - with a phono stage or small output digital front end unit - these cables are quite possibly the class of a truly classy series . . . Gear driven by these power cables seems quicker, lighter and freer in its immediacy and sonic impact. I'll be surprised if anyone getting one or more of these unusually well crafted cables in a system is not stunned by the sonic result. In sum, GEN II unbalanced cables and low out-put digital power cords are, in my estimation, one of the great values in high end audio gear.”

        “The high end (out-put) power cords are way better than merely "fairly priced" and the balanced cables along with the speaker cables leave nothing to be desired once they are settled in and do their job of making lyrical reality convincing in a good sound system. I have no difficulty believing that, for the majority of home theater set ups and for the bulk of music lovers who care first and last about how their music defines free hours of listening, Soundstring's GEN II series will be all they want and need to feel graced each and every time they turn their equipment on.”

        “Choose your poison carefully. With these GEN II cables I've discovered poison's antidote . . . .  Soundstring's new cable line may make your investment feel like a sonic portfolio on the rise.”


From a GEN II review written by Bob Levi of Positive Feedback On-line in 2012:

        “With my Marten Bird Loudspeakers, the Gen II Interconnects are both flexible and nicely improved over their excellent predecessors. The first improvement you will hear is more definition, top to bottom. This means more air on top; added layering and structured mids; and more powerful detailed bass. Better yet, the three ranges blend together much more as a whole than the Gen I. Keep in mind that the cost of these near-uber cables are only $540 for the first meter! This is amazing in our often very expensive interconnect world today. You are not missing much with the Gen IIs. The sound is slightly thicker and less neutral than the best wires [at 10X the cost], obscuring some definition. However, wait until you hear the timbres of the new Soundstring. They are so right sounding, so "you-are-there" correct, that you will be thrilled. . .The closest competitor is the Kimber 1016 Select . . .at about twice the price. And the Soundstrings are all made in the USA, as are the  Kimbers.”

          “ . . . the unshielded Gen IIs are quieter with blacker backgrounds than the older brew. You  . . . become more aware of system flaws, or more pleasantly, of system strengths. Remember that whenever you lower the noise floor, which is a good thing and which the Gen IIs do, you may need to change your VTA or make other minor changes. I floated my amp grounds just to improve things a bit with the Gen IIs on board.”

          “The balanced versus the single-ended wires provided little difference. I like balanced best for my number one farfield reference system and single ended in my near-field system. The single-ended versions [unshielded] were very revealing and quiet, and almost as good as the balanced [shielded.] I can fully recommend both versions to suit your needs, depending on your system. You do not need to order extra length (for a change!) as these new Soundstrings are as flexible as noodles to manage, though not thin and fragile as some of their more flexible competitors.”

         “The Gen II High-Output Power Cords are killer!  . . . I really like the High-Output power cords for all applications when you demand the best and wherever critically quiet, highly-detailed power cords are needed. Just wait until you see the robust, gorgeous Furutech plugs on both versions of these Gen II Power Cords. This is great fit and finish . . . I am impressed. You plug these into your gear and the wall and forget about it. . . .  I tried the High-Output Cords with both solid state and tube gear . . . both sounded right as rain. The Power Cords have the slightly lush house sound of the Soundstring Interconnects, and it is refreshing and involving. The High Output Gen II is absolutely a candidate as a go-to power cord in any high-end installation.” 

         “The Soundstring Gen II Interconnects and Power Cords once again capture the attention of top audiophiles, and demonstrate superb American craftsmanship and design. Well done, Soundstring!” _________________________________________________________________________________________


2011 Writer’s Choice Award from Jim Merod On Soundstring GEN II Shielded and Balanced Interconnect and professional microphone cables:

       "I've reviewed the emerging escalation of Soundstring Cables across a number of years ever since I essentially stumbled onto their ridiculously modest self-definition. I was taken by the way that Soundstring's original Octaphase™ (GEN I) cables created spectral balance all along the twenty-to-twenty signal path. Those cables did not own the remarkable openness and transparency their Gen II successors do, but they were blessed with no irritating peaks or depreciation troughs along the spectrum. Their virtue was enhanced by their modest price... a virtue sustained in the new generation of cables."

       "Any studio or recording engineer who will take the time to put those cables up against industry standard cables (Belden; Mogami, Canare; Monster) will need a dentist to help crack his jaw back into place. No comparison. Silly and ridiculous slam dunk "no contest" between them, since Soundstring's musical transfer is genuinely "musical." Here is one concrete indication of the difference involved here: no EQ is required in 90+% of the signals delivered through the Gen II cables. Try that with the others. Good luck."


The GEN II Shielded & Balanced Interconnect and Microphone Cable

       "Gen II Mic cables, and I'm talking about 40 and 50 foot long runs, are quieter than the earlier cables. Their openness and, therefore, their clarity and musical vivacity are enhanced. . . . You get high quality musical signal delivery for a fraction of the cost of the Big Four cables named above. Believe, I'm all for THE BEST when it’s within reach. But in real world pragmatic contexts in which price determines possibilities, Soundstring's XLR interconnects and mic cables (along with its RCA interconnects) allow someone with a discerning ears and good taste lacking deep pockets to approach the top of the signal delivery food chain."

       "Soundstring's newly reworked and now hugely over-reaching technical and aesthetic success gives pause to anyone willing to throw money around without adequate diligence. I hereby attest that this company's continuous search for improvement has quite likely not hit a wall, but it certainly has brought to market a set of cable products that have made a believer our of my stubborn, skeptical resistance. If the price point for the ultra-best Roll Royce cables is out of the question, anyone who is not familiar with Soundstring's newly enhanced GEN II’s may do himself a considerable favor to check these out. The difference between state of the art cables and cables with what may be the most rewarding price to value ratio has recently grown smaller. It gives me sincere delight to deliver such news to a world always starving for more and better music, more seductive and better recorded sound."



From a GEN II review by Will Wright of Positive Feedback On-Line In 2011:

        “Back in 2008, I wrote favorably about Soundstring's initial offerings. I felt that those cables were good sounding, well-engineered, and reasonably priced; I still use them. About a year ago, I was contacted by Len Miller, one of the principals at Soundstring, about a new product line, referred to as Gen II. Externally, the most notable difference between Gen I and Gen II is the color and type of jacketing. They are still using the same XLR connectors, spade lugs, and those handsome RCA connectors with the wooden bodies. The Gen II power cords, however, are using Furutech plugs and IEC connectors. These are very attractive, well-made connectors.”

        “ . . .  when connecting power to your system, it is beneficial to put your best power cord from the wall to the power conditioner for your source components. Although I'd always been happy with the Shunyata cables in this position, I thought it might be revealing to try the new Gen II cords here instead. . I have found cable differences to be nuanced at best, regardless of the price. Because of this, I have always attempted to be careful not to overstate equipment performance in reviews. . . . This time, I was literally shocked at what I was hearing from my system. It was as if someone had grabbed the focus ring and perfectly dialed in the sound. Every aspect of the presentation just locked in place. Plainly speaking, I have never heard any cable in any application make such a profound difference . . . . It was impossible to sit still, even with my jaw on the ground. This was, no contest, the best sound I'd ever achieved. I began to try to explain it away, thinking that perhaps the original conditioner/power cord configuration had just not achieved synergy. Regardless, no way was I touching this part of the setup.”

        “Can more performance be squeezed out of cable technology? Extremely costly materials and construction techniques probably offer a few percent higher performance, but at a very diminishing return on investment. Certainly, there are those involved in this hobby who can and will avail themselves of the very best, most expensive designs no matter what, but that difference is too small to justify the higher costs to anyone but those few who simply must have the most expensive cables. For the rest of us, it is fortunate that superb alternatives do exist. The Soundstring Gen II series is clearly one of these outstanding alternatives.”                            “. . . . As always, listen before you buy. For me, it is difficult not to give a rave review when the results in my own system have netted the best sound I have yet achieved. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to audition this product line and unhesitatingly recommend it. The new Soundstring Gen II series has achieved so much.” _________________________________________________________________________________________

From AK-FEST ‘10 written by Greg Weaver of Positive Feedback On-Line in 2010:

         "This year found ultra-value-for-the-money cable house Soundstring (Len Miller) teaming up with two other overachievers, ModWright Instruments (Dan Wright) and Bamberg Audio (Phil Bamberg and Steve Fay), much as they had last year, but in one of the larger suites on the second floor. And what a successful, synergistic association it was."

          "A beautiful and informative Soundstring backlit display . . . was set up . . . along with many open cables for display and instruction. Two systems were set up . . . the (larger) of the two at the end of the room . . . and the smaller (across the smaller width of the room). Soundstring Cabling tied it all together and the (systems) showed what they could do at every chance they had. Deep, powerful and cogent bass, clear, articulate balanced mids and defined, focused and detailed highs really brought it home; this system was exceptional, one of the most engaging I've ever heard under show conditions. The smaller system was no slouch either. . . It was VERY impressive."

          "I just have to say that these gentlemen managed to get it right, really right and not only from the point of their audio presentation, but from the hospitality angle as well. . . . every time I stopped by, this suite was a busy, active room."

          "Soundstring's Len Miller, always a gracious and accommodating host, was on hand to answer any questions about his remarkable cable products. He has been kind enough to allow me to have a sneak listen at his upcoming (GEN II) line and I'm here to tell you that from what I've heard so far here at the audio analyst©, Soundstring has a WONDERFUL lineup in store for audiophiles everywhere, regardless of your budget."



From a 2009 review written by Francisco Duran of Positive Feedback On-Line:

         “The interconnects are as flexible as warm spaghetti, as are the power cords for being fairly thick. The RCA connectors are to die for.”                                                                                                                                         “I admit to having formed opinions about these cables without even hearing them. . . . Actually, any pre-conditioned thoughts I had about these cables were quickly dashed the moment I actually started listening to them in my system . . . I heard an open, neutral and detailed sound yet one that sounded smooth and liquid. The sound was anything but warm or bright. They give fullness to the music yet they have a taut, rhythmic and textured tonality that was neutral in its presentation, yet most inviting musically.”
          "On Doug Macleod’s Come to Find CD . . . “When Mr. Macleod gets going on track two with acoustic guitar flurries, the words “lightening in his fingers” could definitely be applied to this man. With the whole set of Soundstring cables in my system, every note that came out of his guitar came out clean, distinct, yet wholesome with the percussion, air and pressure in the dynamics of that acoustic guitar adding to the feeling of him playing in front of you. In other words, with these cables acoustic music doesn’t sound flat . . . here, the Soundstring cables did an admirable job keeping up with my lightening fast Tonian Labs TL-D1 speakers. No mean feat in and of itself.”
         “With all JPS in the system I wanted to see what difference just the replacement of the power cords would show me. So I replaced just my JPS Power AC+ with the Soundstring Tricormaxial High Output (rated 30 amps) Power Supply Cord. To my surprise the Tricormaxial had the edge in deep bass extension. The JPS Power AC+ comes with street cred a mile long. Yet here was this golden sheathed cable nudging it out of my system.”
“Substituting just the JPS Digital AC with a Soundstring eight foot Low Output Digital power cord (rated 10 amps) also proved interesting . . . There was no restriction or diminution of performance at all with regards to bass, soundstage, or speed or any other parameter of performance for that matter . . . Chalk up another one for Soundstring.”
          “I have to concur with Mr. Levi and Mr. Wright (Bob Levi and Will Wright – both reviewers for Positive Feedback On-Line) about the performance of the Soundstring Cables . . . these are open, neutral and detailed, yet smooth, liquid and musical cables. The words brightness, grain or harshness are not in the Soundstring vocabulary, but musicality is. Their builds quality is also exemplary and they are very affordable in today’s cable market. In other words they can run with the big boys and not cost an arm and a leg. Count me in as another believer.”
          “I know I will be listening to music through these cables in the future because they will be a permanent part of my system.” _______________________________________________________________________________________

From AK-FEST ‘09 written by Greg Weaver of Positive Feedback On-Line in 2009:                 

         “Soundstring Cable’s Len Miller and Venus Hi-Fi owner Brian Bowdle assembled one of the more involving rooms at the (AK-FEST 2009) event. All cabling was from Soundstring . . . .  This was one of the most musically compelling rooms at the entire AK-FEST. Good folks, good tunes and great sound.”


From a review written by Will Wright of Positive Feedback On-Line In 2008:
         “The power cords and speaker cables are reasonably flexible for their bulk. However, the interconnects are absolutely flaccid . . . the most flexible cables for their size I’ve ever used . . .  their performance was NOT flaccid.”
         “ . . .  their designs greatly reduce “break in” time to a fraction of that required by most other audiophile cables (and) my experience confirmed this claim.”
         “ . . . . the power cord plug and the IEC connector . . . . are solidly constructed and provided excellent connection. The IECs especially were a nice snug fit . . . a welcome change (from) the two-piece clamshell type IEC used on many other cable brands.”
         “(With the power cords) . . . the first thing I noticed was a very solid and consistent presentation . . . more (of) a factor of the cable technology at work. The presentation was open and dynamic with no glare or grunge, and easily equaled or bettered my previous configuration. The soundstage was open and fairly deep with good layering . . .  (and) it varied somewhat from recording to recording as one would expect.”
         “The patented Soundstring RCA connectors are well made and handsome and provided excellent grip, which is very important in providing first rate signal transfer.”
         “To me, the beauty of Soundstring cables is their neutrality. I don’t notice any spotlighting of frequencies or roll-off on top . . . borne out by the fact that the Soundstring cables didn’t favor one musical genre over another. All genres were given the same clean, clear presentation. “
         “I believe that a properly implemented cable design should not exhibit a significant sound of its own. These cables have been in my system for over six months. In that time, I made various adjustments unrelated to the cables, and every step forward in my tweaking has come through cleanly and clearly.”
         “ I am very satisfied with the performance of these cables, despite occasionally being frustrated with my inability to put my finger on and describe in detail how a device performs. These cables have proved a moving target. Every time I had a handle on what they were doing, I would make an unrelated change in my system, which would then be conveyed with the same unfailing clarity, forcing me to re-evaluate the contributing effects.”
         “My system has never sounded better. And here’s one last bit of good news. These cables are a bargain by high-end standards. . . . Excellent build quality, solid engineering design, first-rate performance and a courteous, professional staff combine to make this a home run product.”



From reviews written by Jim Merod of Positive Feedback On-Line in 2007:
        “I have now been in the presence of Soundstring cables for a number of months . . . by any rational accounting of current price standards in the audiophile market, Soundstring cables are genuinely “bargain basement” gifts to those on a budget and those who refuse to throw money like water on audio dreams.”
        “I am not aware of any brand or make of audio cables that equals or surpasses Soundstring cables in quality for dollars spent . . . Soundstring is literally unequalled . . . GREAT MUSICAL REPRODUCTION CAN BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT BANK BUSTING EXPENDITURES.”


2007 Writer’s Choice Award from Jim Merod On Soundstring Omega Pro-line Interconnect Cables used as microphone cables:
        . . . . “Soundstring has crafted a revealing microphone cable that achieves lovely richness of sonic texture with a minimum of dynamic loss, sonic glare and signal noise. Microphone cables are not built equally. Each brand and iteration is eccentric in one way or another. These are distinct in their generous reproduction of transient information free of grunge.” _______________________________________________________________________________________

From a review written by Roy Harris of Audiophilia in 2004:
         “This is one of a very few cables that does not exhibit any phase distortion. Although the spectral balance was on the warm side of neutral, I experienced a natural musicality, a timbral and tonal rightness, a relaxed, non-fatiguing and non-digital presentation of musical detail.



From a review written by Dave Thomas of The Stereo Times In 2003:
From the 2003 Home Entertainment Show in San Francisco (three systems in use):
         “These cables possess many nice design features which I will get to later in this review, but the immediate appeal that they had to me was that they were extremely flexible and easy to manage.”
         “After spending a considerable amount of time listening to the Wisdom system I was prepared to find out that these very attractive and wonderful sounding cables had some scary price tag and that I would have to chalk these cables up as just another high-priced audiophile product that I would never consider purchasing for myself . . . . . shockingly .  .  .  . there was not one price that was more than a few hundred dollars.”
         “The soundstage (in the Wisdom room) was huge . . . but there was also a generous amount of detail and air . . . . But it didn’t take long for me to realize that there might be something special going on with these cables.”
         (Referring to a track on one of his CD’s): “This is all about building rhythms and not explosive dynamics or deep bass. It’s a tune that benefits from a system that puts a premium speed and clarity. These are probably the best attributes of the Soundstring cables.”
         “The Soundstring Power Cords did make a huge difference . . . I was expecting to hear a difference but what I heard was . . . nothing. That’s nothing as in no hum or background noise . . . The instruments within the soundstage were very well defined and sized.”
         “The speaker cables are flat out neutral. I mean there was no discernable sonic color at all. Be very careful about the quality of the recordings you play because you won’t get any help from these cables. They will reveal all the warts in a poor recording but they will reward you with a realism beyond their price point.”
         “Anyway, the payoff here is that these cables will render acoustic music with all the natural nuances you crave with pinpoint imaging and nearly holographic instrument placement..”
         “In most applications, the Soundstring cables were damn-near equal to or in some cases better than the more expensive designs.”
         “Soundstring Cable Technologies are a much needed injection of sanity in a cable marketplace that often leaves you shaking your head and not because you were stunned by a cable’s performance. It’s a rare bargain in high-end audio. It’s easy to work with, is thoughtfully designed, sonically spectacular and very handsome looking cable to boot. Highly recommended!”



From 3 reviews written by Bob Levi of Positive Feedback OnLine In 2003 & 2004:

           “It all started at the Home Entertainment Show in San Francisco (in June, 2003) . . It was Saturday afternoon before I walked into a smallish room . . . featuring the Wisdom 75 speakers with Wisdom electronics . . . and sonics to die for . . . and more importantly, it was the debut of Soundstring cables. Soundstring is the new cable kid on the block. The Wisdom system was entirely wired with their products, and while I have heard fine Wisdom speakers many times, this was the best ever. Never, and I mean never, have I heard such smoothness without loss of definition or musical punch. Wisdom did not make any extraordinary claims. They merely said that their speakers had been maximized with excellent electronics and a new brand of wire that they not only recommended, but would supply to all future buyers of their speakers . . . . “I was witnessing a breakthrough in cable technology.”       

           “The patented technology is extensive. The finish is beautiful. This is a serious looking cable with fit and finish a cut above much more expensive cables on today’s market. All I changed were the power cords . . . the system sounded richer, textures were enhanced, and the bass was bolder . . . then I replaced the king of AC cords, the Kimber Palladian ($1060). This was surprising . . . the biggest change of all occurred. The Soundstring was MUCH warmer, with less grain and enhanced texture yet NO less detail . . . . Music sounds more lifelike, smoother and more mellifluous through the Soundstring, and at less than half the cost . . . these Soundstring power cables are a bargain and then some! . . . The Soundstrings were more textured and realistic in the critical mids and have now replaced the Palladians, Taras, Tiffs and Tices on seven components and two Power Wings"

           “Now it’s on to the interconnects. I connected these bad boys to all of my digital sources and my amps, preamp and speakers. This system is all balanced. In system two, single-ended Soundstrings are connecting my modified Dynaco Stereo 70 to the passive Adcom preamp . . . (In my balanced system one) I heard and reveled in more detail, smoothness, texture, soundstage, traction, slam and realism. In my second system . . . . It was a shocking change and it verified for me that the single-ended Soundstring formulation is just as mellifluous and realistic as that of the balanced cable.

           “I did not miss the more expensive interconnects (I replaced with the Soundstrings) for one moment. I know that cables are components too, but my system sounded like I replaced an amp or preamp . . . . the interconnects are a true, unmitigated bargain. Aside from the sonics, the Soundstring’s fit and finish are top of the heap. . .  The Soundstring interconnects transport the listener closer to the musical event, like state-of-the-art cables do.”

          “The Soundstrings (speaker cables) sound more realistic, dynamic and communicative. The Soundstrings are smooth throughout the range, with nary a lump or bump at any frequency . . . . the ambience seems to move down a couple of octaves, into upper midrange. There is so much more midrange definition and hall ambience that the super highs seem less pronounced . . . . the soundstage is increased in size by this and the entire presentation is more realistic. At one-tenth the cost of (my) Kimber or Tara speaker cables, the Soundstrings are the bargain of all bargains. This is certainly the best all-copper formulation I’ve heard . . . . (and) they did not seem slow compared to the silver formulations either.”

          “My recommendations are as follows:
           Power cables: Superb and musical. Speaker Cables: State of the art. Interconnects: These are the best interconnects under $1000 per meter on the market . . . . The Soundstring cables are the new kids on the block, with the real thing to offer. . . . 

            I’ve wired my entire system with them, and Soundstring will get them back only from my cold dead hands. Highest recommendation.”  _____________________________________________________________________________________


From 2003 & 2004 reviews written by Philip Gold of 6moons.com:

From the 12/15/03 preview of his upcoming review:
            “I’m impressed with these products and will investigate them extensively in the New Year. I find these cables effortless and extended - and that applies to the power, interconnects and speaker models. Best of all, these wire live up to their name. They are as flexible as string, a very big consideration in my system . . .             I predict that you’ll be hearing a lot more from Soundstring. Their creations compete with the best, but at a relatively modest price.

From his April, 2004 in-depth review:
          “The Soundstrings did not need much running in . . . . The Soundstring power cables sounded louder than my reference Cardas.”
          (Comparing to the Cardas Golden Cross and Moon Audio power cords): “these Soundstring (power) cables held a definite edge over the Golden Cross. While no less detailed compared to the Moon Audio or the Cardas, there was an irresistible sense of ease and flow to the music as well as lightening fast reflexes and a blackness between the notes that raised the dynamic range.”
          “On (CD) Ansa Djallo, I felt I was right in the room with Lillson, the deep plucked bass notes sounding considerably clearer than with either of the competitors . . . . The extra detail, depth and ambiance of the Soundstrings brought me closer to the performance.”
          “The Soundstrings are fine performers regardless of cost, yet they are priced very reasonably by high-end standards . . . . now I am recommending that you start saving for the Soundstrings. Just wait until you can afford a full set, then try them out in your own home. I’ll be surprised if you’re not very impressed!



From a 2003 review written by Chuck Bruce of “The Audiophile Voice”:

From the 2003 Home Entertainment Show in San Francisco (three systems in use):
         “There was, in each case, an easily noticeable atmosphere of sweet smoothness throughout the audible band. One system which used Wisdom Audio’s highly revealing big 75-inch ribbon speaker system presented rock-solid bass response plus a nuance-filled soundstage that was as revealing as any I’ve ever experienced. The system offers all the subtle detail and dynamic contrasts necessary for a “you are in the hall” experience."
         “Something interesting was going on, so not long afterward, I asked the Soundstring guys for review samples. The Soundstring Cables sounded remarkably good right out of the box and their power cords also went right to work and were just obviously good at allowing the full dynamics of my amplifiers . . . . like my benchmark, Kimber Palladian.”
         “You are not likely to find cables at this price or higher that deliver more refined and pleasant music presentation than do the Soundstrings. And the Soundstring power cords deliver the goods in quieting the input power to the point of challenging the throne of the finest I’ve heard.”
         “If you’re looking to upgrade any wire product in your system, the Soundstring brand should be on your short list . . . . they offer both top quality and top performance at competitive price points."