Pre-Conditioning of Soundstring Cables using our Audiodharma 3.0 Anniversary Edition Cable Cooker

The sophisticated designs, constructions and ever evolving materials used by the manufacturers of high performance audio components and speakers require a “pre-conditioning” period before they are ready to operate at peak efficiency and deliver the very best quality of sound reproduction. They have many internal parts and circuits that usually require a substantial amount of "conditioning hours" before they will start performing to their design capabilities.

With high performance audio cables, all high out-put power supply cords, low out-put “digital” power supply cords, interconnect, microphone, sub woofer, speaker and most digital cables require a pre-conditioning period before they are ready to transmit frequencies, signals or voltage over or through them as fast and accurately as possible. Properly conditioned cables will greatly enhance the overall performance of your system’s components and speakers. In high-end audio, this pre-conditioning period for cables is commonly referred to as “cooking the cables,” a term synonymous with the Audiodharma “cable cooker” that is used extensively in our industry.

There are two methods used to “pre-condition” or “cook” cables. The first is to connect them directly to a sound system’s components and speakers, turn the system on and start sending low level “signals” through them by playing music continuously for many, many hundreds of hours before the cables are deemed ready to provide peak performance and your sound system is ready for serious listening and enjoyment. The conditioning period varies, depending upon the complexity of the cable designs, constructions and raw materials used to manufacture each cable type. Signals transmitted through the cables connected to the components and speakers of a sound system are relatively weak, requiring significant conditioning time. If any of the components or speakers in the system are new, or have been very lightly used, they also require an extensive conditioning period, according to each manufacturer’s recommendations and directions, along with the cables that power and connect them to make a complete sound system.

The second option for conditioning cables is the use of a cable conditioning device commonly referred to as a “cable cooker” which, in essence, is the trademarked name owned by “Audio Excellence AZ” the owner and manufacturer of Audiodharma Cable Cookers that are marketed in version 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and the 3.5 Anniversary Edition. We have the audiodharma "anniversary edition" 3.0 cable cooker and use it for all of our cable conditioning, whether for in-house use to “pre-cook” the various types of cables we use in our exhibit room sound systems at trade shows, or for the pre-conditioning of cables that are ordered by our customers. All of the Audiodharma Cable Cookers are designed and built by Alan M. Kafton the president and owner of Audio Excellence AZ, Inc. The performance and reliability of his cable cookers are second to none! The Audiodharma 3.0 anniversary edition we have was designed and built with an extended-frequency sweep powering through the circuitry. It comes with a switching power supply unit that converts standard 120V AC to DC current for optimum results. The unit is designed and equipped to pre-condition (cook) power supply cords, speaker cables, shielded and non-shielded and single ended interconnect cables with RCA’s or BNC’s, balanced interconnect and microphone cables with XLR’s - ALL AT ONE TIME, if necessary! Several types of adaptors are available that allow us to “daisy chain” and cook multiple cables of the same type at one time, in addition to “cooking” different cable types all at one time. This can be done by using the built-in receptacles for each type of cable plug or termination being cooked, as well as utilizing a special "bridge" circuit that allows us to pre-condition power cords and speaker cables over the same circuit at the same time.

Adaptors are also available for foreign power cords with male plugs used in the EU, UK, Australia and over 175 countries worldwide. For IEC female plugs, adaptors are supplied for both the IEC 320-C13 (15 Amp) and IEC 320-C19 (20 Amp) female plugs required by most component manufacturers. A rear view picture of our 3.0 Anniversary Edition unit is shown at the top of this page with a few types of our GEN II Platinum Series™ cables plugged into it for illustrative purposes.

Last, we are pleased to offer this cable conditioning service to anyone that is buying our cables. There is a nominal charge for each power cord or pair of speaker or interconnect cables that we “pre-condition” for at least 168 hours (1 week) and for longer periods if requested by the individual customer. Orders for 10 or more pairs or individual power supply cord pieces will receive a quantity discount for each order submitted. We also recommend an additional conditioning period of 30 to 50 hours on your sound system once they are received and installed. This allows the cables to acclimate to your sound system's components and speakers, as well as to the room environment where your system is located. As the hours of use build up, you may also notice subtle additional improvements in your overall listening experience before everything reaches peak performance. Then, the only other variable is the quality of the recordings you are playing and the room acoustics where your sound system is located.