Our History

A Brief History of Soundstring™

Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC™ was founded on March 1, 2001 through the combined efforts of Superior Insulated Wire Corporation and the Lion Cords Division of Astrophonic Corporation of America, both prime manufacturers of a wide variety of insulated wires, cables and power supply cords for for many industries and purposes. Both were independently founded in the mid 1940’s. More than 146 years of combined experience was utilized to develop the high performance audio cables we manufacture under the Soundstring™ name today. Our innovative concepts and designs set higher standards for performance, quality and reliability. All of our products provide optimum performance at realistic and “affordable” prices. 

Soundstring™ products are the result of years spent in the research and development of new cable designs that form an “evolutionary pathway of least resistance” in signal and frequency transfer and voltage control. We hold several patents for high performance power supply, audio and interconnect cables and the very first patented “Ultra Low Mass” RCA plug. Our cables greatly exceed the scope of today's digital systems, while simultaneously flattering state-of-the-art analog. 

Our 146 years of combined business experience is the key to our success. As prime manufacturers we control all aspects of design, construction, manufacturing, testing, packaging, overhead and in-house marketing costs. This eliminates typical "middle man" costs associated with out-sourcing many of these functions by our competitors. Regardless of cost, every audio and video system will benefit from the advanced technological and design concepts incorporated into all of our products. For additional details and technical information, please go to the "About Us" drop down box at the top left of our “Home” page and click on “White Paper” to read more about our company and technical details regarding our products.

Over the past 17 years we have been very favorably reviewed by many well-known and respected high-end audio reviewers from on-line and printed audiophile publications, both nationally and internationally. We were named to Philip Gold’s "Best of 2003" list at 6Moons.com and received a "Most Wanted Component" award from The Stereo Times audiophile magazine in 2004 for our original cables and again in 2013 for our GEN II and GEN II "SE" cables. In 2007, Jim Merod, a highly respected senior reviewer at Positive-Feedback On-line and the owner of the Blueport Jazz Recording Studio in Southern California, tested and reviewed our Octaphase™ Omega Pro-Line shielded and balanced Interconnects for use as microphone cables. The results were so good that he voted them as one of his personal choices for the "Best Products of the Year for 2007!" Our GEN II Platinum Series™ Interconnects and Microphone cables were again voted as one of his personal choices for the "Best Products of the Year for 2011!" To read the in-depth reviews by these and many other well-known and highly respected reviewers, click on the drop down box for "Reviews & Awards." We also have partnered and exhibited with many well known and respected speaker and component manufacturers at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Stereophile Home Entertainment Shows, the Audio Karma “AK-Fest” Shows in Michigan, the Rocky Mountain Audiofest Shows in Denver, CO and T.H.E. Shows in Las Vegas and the L.A. area of southern CA. Our products have also been shown and featured by several of our distributors and dealers at International Trade Shows in Canada, Mexico, Munich, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Our entry into the high-performance audio cable market in 2001 focused on Power Supply Cords, Interconnects and Speaker Cables. We are also designing and developing digital cables for Video, Multi-Media, Home Theater and other applications for introduction in 2018. In addition, we expanded our GEN II Platinum Series of Power Cords and Cables to include the GEN II “SE” (Special Edition) designs featuring a proprietary non-metallic RFI/EMI 98% braid shield, enhanced conductor strandings, double run speaker cables and enhanced energy saver power cords. ALL of our GEN II and GEN II "SE" series cables are UL™ and CSA™ rated for in-wall and in-ceiling use. Our GEN II power cable also has the UL™ “AWM” (Appliance Wiring Material) approval for use in establishing dedicated circuits from electrical service panel boxes to wall outlets in dedicated sound rooms and for other in-wall cable applications! Every cable we manufacture and sell under the Soundstring™ name is also 100% compliant with international "RoHS" lead-free standards.

We will continue to be a progressive, innovative, cost conscious force in the high-end audio industry. Nothing less is acceptable!