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An Overview of Our Microphone Cables

Soundstring™ manufactures three types of microphone cables. Each of them have specially engineered design and performance attributes necessary to provide an excellent link between high performance microphones and sound recording equipment or between microphones, amplifiers and speakers for live indoor or outdoor concerts. The transmission of sound through microphone cables must be extremely fast and accurate to produce the best possible reproduction of a singer’s voice or the richness and accuracy of a musical instrument’s sound. Nothing less is acceptable.  

Our original Octaphase Omega Pro-line™ shielded and balanced microphone cables and our newer GEN II and GEN II “SE” (Special Edition) Beta 2-22S Shielded and Balanced microphone cables are industry leaders in high performance microphone cables. They have been very successfully used in the live recording of jazz singers, jazz groups, choral groups and orchestras in many venues around the country.
furatech 15 amp male plugAll of our microphone cables are also designed and used as shielded and balanced interconnect cables for stereo systems, home theater, surround sound, etc. All of the design and engineering attributes of the balanced interconnect cables are also in the microphone cables. Jim Merod of Positive-Feedback On-line and Blueport Jazz Recording Studios named our Octaphase Omega Pro-line™ shielded and balanced microphone cables as one of his writer’s choice awards for excellence in 2007. His comments were: “These custom made mic cables may be the inaugural "recording creations" of the Soundstring Cable team. Yet, regardless of heritage, Soundstring has crafted a revealing microphone cable that achieves a lovely richness of sonic texture with a minimum of dynamic loss, sonic glare and signal noise. Microphone cables are not built equally. Each brand and iteration is eccentric in one way or another. These are distinct in their generous reproduction of transient information free of grunge.” The “Progressive Geometric Multi-Conductor/Multi Gauged” design is the key to the outstanding performance of this cable, as it is with all of the original Octaphase Interconnect cables and the Tricormaxial Power Cords and Speaker Cables.

The GEN II and GEN II “SE” microphone cables feature 6-9’s Oxygen Free High Conductivity Bare Copper conductors with very finely stranded individual strands in each conductor. A total of 168 strands of #44 AWG are in each conductor, providing a larger circular mil area for the signals and frequencies to flow over providing a faster, more accurate and balanced performance that is essential in top performing microphone cables. They are feature a 98% spiral shield using the same 6-9’s OFHCBC as is used for the conductors. The “SE” series of GEN II microphone cables features a proprietary non-metallic 98% braided RFI outer shield that further enhances overall performance without taking away from the flexibility of the cables while adding an extra layer of RFI protection not found in other high performance microphone cables.   

The GEN II and GEN II “SE” interconnects are covered with our premium grade Static Guard™ tightly woven Platinum Silver Nylon Multi-filament, the trademark for all of the GEN II type cables. Each type and style of these microphone cables has shrink tubing on both ends with our name and directional arrows embossed on their red or black color coded surface. The male and female XLR plugs are from Neutrik and have 24 Kt. Gold plated solder connections for the best possible conductivity.

All three types of our microphone cables are available in standard lengths of 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 75 feet. Custom cut lengths or metered lengths are available on special order in lengths up to 95 feet with no degradation in quality and performance.