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An Overview of Our International Power Cables
and Power Supply Cords

Incoming electrical service (voltage) is delivered through large overhead or underground power supply cables from a local utility company to special meters that record electrical consumption. From those meters, incoming voltage cables connect to different types of voltage distribution panel boxes in residential and commercial buildings. Depending upon the country, these panel boxes may have heavy duty breaker switches or fused connections rated to deliver different amperage loads for each circuit, depending upon the total estimated amperage draw of all circuits being connected in the main box. Most residential service hook-ups have one main panel box and possibly one or more smaller sub panel boxes, depending upon individual requirements. The size and amperage rating for each circuit breaker or fused circuit is determined by the power requirements for that circuit. Circuits feeding areas of minimal power consumption require smaller capacity single phase circuit breakers. Circuits supplying current for higher current draw items usually require double or triple phase breakers or higher rated fuses appropriately rated for the amperage draw of the circuit.   

A dedicated circuit is one that is used exclusively to feed the outlets in a room used exclusively for sound and/or video reproduction (stereo systems, home theater, surround sound, etc.) is always recommended whenever and wherever possible. This serves to minimize possible line interference (RFI) caused by other types of electrical or electronic components being used in that circuit. In effect, you are isolating your system's components from the potential for outside interference that could compromise the overall quality of sound reproduction in your sound system. A dedicated line will provide the best chance for the delivery of clean, filtered voltage to your sound system. Using electrically approved high-end power cables to supply the electricity for dedicated circuits is recommended over the standard wiring normally used to the wall outlets in your audio room. Once you have provided a dedicated line (circuit), you are ready to connect and power up your audio system, using our high-end power supply cords, as required, for maximizing the overall performance of your system’s components.

Our GEN II Platinum Series™ High Performance, High Out-put Power Supply Cable is a UL & CSA approved cable that can be used for “in wall” and dedicated circuit applications. It is rated for 30 Amps. It is made with 100% RoHS (lead free) PVC insulating compounds made to comply with all domestic and international standards for the conductors and outer jacket. It is also used to manufacture and supply our Gen II Platinum Series and “SE” (Special Edition) High Performance, High Out-put International Power Supply Cords and the GEN II Platinum Series™ “Digimax-18” Low Out-put Digital Power Supply Cords (cable rated for 10 Amps), all with Furutech hand assembled EU (Schuko), UK or AU/NZ grounded male plugs and IEC 320-C13 or IEC 320-C19 female plugs.

We also supply our original series of Tricormaxial™ High Performance, High Out-put Power Cable and Power Supply Cords (cable rated for 30 Amps), our Medium Out-put Power Supply Cords (cable rated for 20 Amps) and our Low Out-put Digital Power Supply Cords (cable rated for 10 Amps) as high performance, lower cost options to the GEN II types of Cables and Power Supply Cords all with the same hand assembled Furutech Plugs shown above.

Soundstring Power Supply Cords are a natural extension of our power supply cables. They carry the line voltage (230-250 Volts International) from the wall outlets in a sound room to each of the components in your sound system, or to a Voltage Regulator or Power Strip and then into the individual components.

The proper application and use of high-end power cables and power supply cords will greatly enhance the overall component performance and quality of sound reproduction for all sound systems. This is not just our opinion. It is the opinion of sound and electrical engineers, our competitors and the audiophile reviewers that test and evaluate high-end audio components and cables. As the prime manufacturer of our cables, we have tight controls on their designs and constructions, production costs, quality control, productivity, performance, testing, packaging and shipping. There is no cable outsourcing, as with most of our competitors. The result is that we consistently manufacture and supply high performance, high quality power cables and power supply cords at very reasonable and affordable prices - an unbeatable winning combination! More detailed information for all of our power supply cables and power supply cords can be found in the drop down boxes associated with each product.