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Generation II - Domestic Power Cords

GEN II Platinum Series High Out-put “Delta 3-12” 30 Amp Power Supply Cord with hand assembled Furutech 120V-15 Amp grounded male and 120V-20 Amp IEC 320-C19 female plugs.

For use in the USA and allother countries with standard 120V AC electrical service.

Delta 3-12 High Out-put (cable rated for 30 Amps) Power Supply Cords with hand assembled Furutech            120V-15 Amp male and 120V-20 Amp IEC 320-C19 female plugs with 24 Kt. gold plated contacts and "Static Guard" Platinum Silver colored tightly woven Nylon multi-filament outer covering.

furatech 15 amp female plug   furatech 15 amp male plug
120V-20 Amp IEC 320-C19 Female Plug   120V-15 Amp Male Plug

  Technical Specifications

  • GEN II Delta 3-12 High Out-put premium power supply cable rated for 30 Amps, featuring our newest construction and design technology for fast, accurate, filtered current flow to all system components.

  • Conductors are 6-9's (99.9999%) pure finely stranded OFHCEBC (oxygen free high conductivity electrolytic bare copper) in a very finely stranded ropelay design resulting in a larger circular mil area for enhanced conductivity, current flow and energy savings.

  • Conductors are insulated with a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant thin wall low durometer PVC for added flexibility. They are color coded in Black, White and Green (ground). Conductors are cabled in a precise overlay pattern to minimize contact points and are wrapped in an unsintered PTFE tape to prevent adhesion to the inner wall of the jacket and keep the cabled conductors in place.

  • Jacket is a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant heavy wall low durometer Black PVC. It is surface printed with our name, the cable name, it’s UL™ listing*, “Made in USA” and directional arrows to insure proper current flow for maximum performance from current source to individual components.

    * UL™ dual listed for use as an electrical supply line from a circuit breaker panel box to wall outlets in a dedicated sound room, for “in wall” current carrying use between components and for use as a high out-put power supply cord.

  • Outer covering is a premium grade “Static Guard” abrasion resistant tightly woven Platinum Silver colored Nylon multi-filament for eye pleasing aesthetics and maximum flexibility. 

  • Cable is rated for up to 30 Amp applications in 120V domestic AC circuits.

  • Recommended for use with all types of power conditioners, power strips, mega-watt and high powered amplifiers, pre-amps, sub woofers, all Home Theater and Surround Sound systems and other applications requiring standard 15 Amp male plug and an IEC 320-C19 20 Amp female plug.

  • Supplied in standard lengths of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 feet. Custom cut "foot" and "metered" lengths are available on special order. Please contact our order department for pricing and lead time. 
  • Packaged in padded display cartons at one power supply cord per carton.  
                 CATALOG NUMBER     PACKING
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-3 (3 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-4 (4 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-5 (5 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-6 (6 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-8 (8 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-10 (10 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-12 (12 feet)   1 Per Carton
  SS-GEN II-PCHO-30-FMF20-15 (15 feet)   1 Per Carton