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Domestic Power Cords

Medium Out-put 20 Amp Power Supply Cord with standard 120V-15 Amp “molded-on” grounded male and IEC 320-C13 Female Plugs

For use in the USA and all other countries with standard 120V AC electrical service.

Medium out-put (cable rated for 20 Amps) Power Supply Cords with standard 120V-15 Amp “molded-on” male and IEC 320-C13 female plugs (brown only) with a beige colored outer jacket.

  Technical Specifications

  • Medium Out-put power supply cable rated for 20 Amps, featuring our patented and trademarked dual 3 conductor “Progressive Geometric Multi-conductor/Multi-gauge™” design for fast, accurate current flow to all system components.

  • Conductors are a composite #15 AWG overall with 4-9's (99.99%) pure finely stranded OFEBC (oxygen free electrolytic bare copper) for enhanced conductivity and improved current flow.

  • Conductors are insulated with a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant thin wall low durometer flexible PVC. They are color coded in Black, White and Green (ground).

  • Jacket is a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant heavy wall low durometer flexible Beige PVC.

  • Cable is rated for 20 Amp applications in 120V domestic and 220-250V international circuits.

  • Recommended for use with power conditioners, power strips, amplifiers, pre-amps, sub woofers, Home Theater and Surround Sound systems and many other applications requiring a 15 Amp male plug and an IEC 320-C13 female plug.

  • Supplied in standard lengths of 3, 6 and 8 feet only.

  • Packaged in padded display cartons at one power supply cord per carton.

#SS-PCMO-3-US (3 ft.)   1 Per Carton
#SS-PCMO-6-US (6 ft.)   1 Per Carton
#SS-PCMO-8-US (8 ft.)   1 Per Carton