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Bi-Wire Heavy Duty Speaker “Jumpers”

Tricormaxial™ High Performance Bi-Wire Speaker Jumpers with premium quality crimp style 24 Kt. Gold plated Banana Plugs one end to 8mm Spade Terminals other end.

Patented and trademarked “Progressive Geometric Multi-Gauge/Multi-conductor” design high performance 8 inch Bi-wire Jumpers with 24 Kt. Gold plated crimp style Banana Plugs one end to 8mm Spade Terminals other end. Sets of 4 (2 per speaker).

  Technical Specifications

  • Tricormaxial™ premium Bi-wire jumper cables featuring our patented “Progressive Geometric Multi-gauge/Multi-conductor™” design that allows all signals and frequencies to independently seek the “path of least resistance” as they travel virtually unimpeded over the individual conductor surfaces from speaker terminal to terminal.

  • Conductors are a composite #10.5 AWG overall with 4-9's (99.99%) pure finely stranded OFEBC (oxygen free electrolytic bare copper) in a ropelay design for greater surface area that virtually neutralizes skin effect and minimizes “break-in” time.

  • Conductors are individually insulated with 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant thin wall low durometer PVC.

  • Jacket is a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant medium wall low durometer PVC. Red or Black shrink tubing with our name and directional arrows for maximum signal and frequency flow through the bi-wire jumper from the “low/mid range” speaker binding posts to the “high” binding posts.
  • Standard length is eight (8) inches per jumper. Custom cut lengths also available on special order. Please contact our order department for details on minimum quantitiy, pricing and lead time.
  • Packaged in an attractive white display carton – one set of four (4) per carton. Multiple sets can be packed together in one display carton if requested.

  SS-BWJSC-1-BP/SL   1 Set of 4 Per Carton