Soundstring™ Contributions to the Recording Industry

       One of the rewards for manufacturing high quality, high performance cables for the audio industry is having the opportunity to meet and work with construction and sound recording engineers that are considering the use of our products to wire sound recording studios, concert halls, live outdoor venues, listening rooms at colleges, universities and libraries, live recordings of soloists and choirs in churches and on occassion, wiring or rewiring of movie theaters.

       On two such occasions, we had the opportunity to produce live recordings and work together with sound technicians and sound recording engineers. It is a testament to the quality and performance of our products that these professionals trust us to provide them with power supply cables, interconnect cables and microphone cables that are an integral part of producing high quality recordings. Having the opportunity to meet and work with the musicians and vocalists that are performing for the recordings is a bonus!  

       One of the great joys we experienced in this area was having the opportunity to collaborate with Jim Merod, chief recording engineer and C.E.O. of the BluePort Jazz Recording Studio in Southern California. Among his many accomplishments, Jim is currently a tenured Professor of American Literature at Southern California’s Soka University of America. He is a highly respected jazz critic, historian, author and reviewer of high end audio components and cables for Positive Feedback On-line. Jim is also the driving force behind Soka University’s “Jazz Monsters” concert series and he has recorded their live concerts for many years. Many of those concerts were recorded using Soundstring™ cables.

Len Miller, our President and C.E.O. personally produced two of those concerts, one featuring the great female Latin American Jazz vocalist Havana Carbo, accompanied by Sean Smith (Bass), Cliff Korman (Piano) and Vince Cherico (Drums). The second featured the legendary jazz guitarist Gene Bertoncini. The Gene Bertoncini concert resulted in the making of the “Gene Bertoncini 2 + 2 = 1” CD featuring jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe and bassist Bob Magnusson, both jazz greats in their own right.

The CD was a BluePort™/Soundstring Cable Technologies™ collaboration that featured Gene in solo and in duos with Mundell and Bob. In addition, our cables were used to pre-wire the new Soka University Concert Hall and listening rooms. Soundstring™ cables are frequently used by Jim to record the “Jazz Monsters” concert series live performances featuring many of the great jazz artists and vocalists from the U.S. and foreign countries, as well as other live recordings he makes on his Blueport™ label.


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                                "Gene Bertoncini 2 + 2 = 1” CD
    Featuring Jazz Guitarist Mundell Lowe and Bassist Bob Magnusson


Soka University’s “Jazz Monsters” Concert Series

Shown below are pictures taken at several of the Soka University "Jazz Monsters" concerts using all Soundstring Cabling. Featured in the pictures are legendary jazz vocalists and musicians including Havana Carbo, Sean Smith, Cliff Korman, Vince Cherico, The Geoffrey Keezer-Peter Sprague Band, Trio De La Paz, Maucha Adnet, Bert Turetzky, Chuck Perren, The Mike Garson Sextet with Tierney Sutton, Kornel Fekete-Kouach, The Charles McPherson Quintet and the Ron Eschette Trio. Also shown are "backstage" pictures of Jim Merod and all of his recording equipment being set up with Soundstring Cables and as he records and monitors the performance of the concerts.