An Overview of Our Cables Available on Bulk Spools & Reels

All of our original Tricormaxial™ and Octaphase™ cables as well as our all of our GEN II Platinum Series™ cables are available for purchase on bulk long length spools and reels for DIY applications and for in-wall applications where it is not necessary to have the outer woven Nylon coverings on the cables. The GEN II Platinum Series™ “SE” (Special Edition) cables are not available on bulk long length spools or reels. The minimum purchase for any bulk spool or reel is 50 feet and then in 50 foot increments thereafter. We can also supply bulk spools and reels in metered lengths on special order with a minimum orf 16 meters and then in 16 meter increments thereafter.

All bulk spool and reel purchases are supplied in one continuous length whenever possible (50 feet, 100 feet, 150 feet, etc.). Lengths over 250 feet may possibly be supplied in more than one piece, if absolutely necessary.


Depending upon the footage and the outside diameter of the cable ordered, bulk spool purchases may be supplied on small plastic spools or larger, heavy duty wooden reels. In most cases, these spools or reels will be packed inside a corrugated carton with protective bubble wrap for shipment. If other finished and terminated cables are also ordered, bulk spools may be packed in the same master carton with the finished cables.

Bulk high out-put power supply cables may also be used to provide a dedicated circuit from a circuit breaker in a main panel box directly to the wall outlets in your dedicated sound room. Our High Out-put Power Supply Cables are rated for use with up to a 30 Amp draw. A 30 Amp circuit breaker is recommended for this type of installation.

If you purchase bulk spools or reels of our cables and need instructions for the proper stripping and terminating of your chosen cables, please contact us at any time. All DIY cables or bulk cable installations are at your own risk. We will not be responsible for the performance or use of our cables for any purpose whatsoever other than the specific uses for each as designated on our web site and in our printed literature. Installation of bulk cables for any purpose is strictly at your own risk.