Our Products

Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC™ is a fully integrated manufacturer of High Performance Power Supply Cords, Regular and Bi-Wire Speaker Cables, Single Ended Unshielded and Shielded Interconnect Cables and Shielded and Balanced Interconnect and Microphone Cables. Our cables are designed for use with standard and high performance analog and digital audio systems, home theater, multi-media, live concert and studio recordings, OEM markets and other specialty uses and applications. They are designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, packaged and shipped from our factory in South Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.A. The designs and constructions of our cables promote full frequency, signal and voltage flow allowing your audio system's components and speakers to operate and perform to their full design potential. There is no discontinuity. "Full frequency profiled alignment" is the key to achieving maximum component and speaker performance, bringing new meaning to the terms "Musicality, Dynamics, Transparency and Soundstage!" Our designs, constructions and choices of raw materials provide "the evolutionary pathways of least resistance in sound transfer and in voltage regulation and control.”

Shown below are pictures of our original Tricormaxial™ and Octaphase™ Cables with Harvest Gold outer jackets and our newer GEN II and  GEN II "SE" (Special Edition) Cables with Platinum Silver outer jackets. The Tricormaxial Power Cords are now available with Furutech Male and Female hand assembled plugs for domestic and international use (not shown).


                        The Original Tricormaxial™ Power Cords & Speaker Cables and the Octaphase Interconnect™ Cables




               GEN II and GEN II "SE"(Special Edition) Domestic and International Power Cords, Speaker and Interconnect Cables





In development for introduction in 2018 are sub woofer cables and several popular digital cables and 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Cables with RCA and BNC plugs. More information will be available as we progress toward bringing these cables to market.


Our goals are simple . . . to provide you with the best in performance, quality, service and reliability at the most reasonable and affordable prices in the industry. SOUNDSTRING CABLE TECHNOLOGIES™ . . . . . . .   Journey into a whole new world of listening pleasure! Turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!


Our Hi End Audio Cable Products Include:

High End Speaker Cables, High End Bi-Wire Speaker Cables, High End Interconnect Cables, High End Microphone Cables, Hi End High Power Supply Cables and Power Cords and High End Digital Power Supply Cables and Power Cords. All are made using various combinations of Oxygen Free High Conductivity Multi-Stranded Bare Electrolytic Copper for maximum flexibility, voltage, signal and frequency flow.