Our Newest Addition: The Gen II “SE” (Special Edition) Cables

                      and . . . . .  In Development During 2017:

     Amplified Instrument Cables With 1/4" Plugs & Digital Cables 


As manufacturers of high performance cables for the high-end audio industry, we are always striving to improve the performance of our existing products as well as developing new designs and constructions that will provide even higher levels of performance in cable products to our customers.


Our GEN II Platinum Series “SE” (Special Edition) Cables™ is the latest iteration of our GEN II Platinum Series cables. They feature a special proprietary non-metallic 98% braided RFI/EMI shield combined with enhanced conductor constructions. The RFI/EMI shield provides a special barrier against RF and EM interference that is unique to our cables. It is lightweight, very flexible and cost effective. The new GEN II “SE” cables provide improved performance over our standard GEN II cables and are priced proportionately higher to compensate for the use of more costly raw materials and production processes used in their manufacture.

The GEN II “SE” cables include the domestic and international styles of our power supply cords in both the high out-put (cable rated for 30 Amps) and low out-put digital (cable rated for 10 Amps) styles; our standard and bi-wire speaker cables; our balanced interconnect cables with XLR’s and our balanced high performance microphone cables with XLR's in lengths up to 100 feet.


"SE" versions of the GEN II single ended shielded and unshielded interconnect cables are not available with our patented “low mass” RCA plugs. The larger outside diameter of the "SE" cables with the 98% RFI/EMI non-metallic braided shield is too large to use with the Coca-Bola wood housings. For the "SE" shielded and unshielded interconnects only, we are now using the new 24 Kt. Gold plated RCA plugs shown pictured below. The pricing for these cables will be the same as they would have been were we using the Coca-Bola wooden housings. The overall performance of these cables with the new RCA plugs remains among the very best in the industry!






In development for 2017 are new instrument cables made with our GEN II and GEN II "SE"shielded interconnect cables with 1/4"silent and standard plugs for all types of amplified instruments. We are also designing sub woofer cables and a few types of digital cables that may include the most current high speed HDMI and HDMI 3D constructions; 75 ohm digital coaxial cables with RCA or BNC plugs and a few types of USB cables. Please check our web site periodically for further announcements on these and other cables in development for the future.


Pictures of digital cable prototypes we recently made for testing and evaluation are shown below. Not shown, but planned for introduction later this year are USB cables. By putting your mouse pointer on an individual picture, a larger version of that picture will show. If you click on a picture they can all be viewed in a larger slide show format along with a brief description of each cable type.


  • High Speed Ethernet Ready HDMI and HDMI - 3D Cables
  • Soundstring’s Exclusive 24 Kt. Gold Plated HDMI Plugs
  • 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable with 24 Kt. Gold Plated RCA Plugs
  • 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable with 24 Kt. Gold Plated BNC Plugs
  • Digital Fiber Optic Cable with Gold Plated Standard Toslink Plugs